Since its founding in 1908, Briggs & Stratton has become a leading manufacturer of gasoline engines. Some of its innovations have included the introduction of the aluminum and twin cylinder engine plus the magnetron ignition system. Now, the company is setting its sights on becoming a major player in the power application industry.

Earlier this year, Briggs & Stratton unveiled a new line of commercial lithium-ion battery packs aimed at an extensive range of equipment applications. The initial units are rated 5 kWh and 48V and there are plans to debut a larger 10kWh 48V unit in 2020.

Although lithium-ion batteries are common and power many of today’s electronics, Briggs & Stratton is looking to innovate by focusing on middle market customers that depend on lead-acid batteries. Its batteries make use of a “C” cell battery which is built into bricks capable of being stacked. This flexibility means the batteries can serve virtually any voltage needs. As for its 5kWh and next year’s 10kWh batteries, they are designed to support a whopping 2000 hours or cycles before capacity drops to 80%.

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