Power shortages, brownouts, and blackouts do more than put homes and businesses in the dark. They also hinder economic activity and cause significant financial damage. According to Bankrate, power outages in the United States annually cause between $18 billion and $33 billion in economic costs. Here are three things you should know about how the best liquid-cooled generators can help you.

1. They Use Large Motors to Generate Power

A generator contains an internal combustion engine that produces electrical power. Like all internal combustion engines, a generator’s motor creates heat and has one of two ways to effectively control it. Smaller air-cooled motors use a fan to vent the heat into the air to prevent the engine from overheating. Larger generators use liquid cooling that circulates through the engine and a radiator, just like an automobile. Liquid-cooled generators are far more efficient than their air-cooled counterparts and often have longer service lives.

2. They Are Ideal for Large Homes and Businesses

The larger a structure is, the more power it needs, and a generator that uses liquid cooling is the ideal tool for producing that power. If a power outage occurs, the best liquid-cooled generators can produce all the power needed to keep the lights on and your home or business HVAC system running. Retail stores can prevent perishables from perishing, homes can stay comfortable in extreme weather, and security systems stay intact and on duty when some people might consider engaging in criminal activity during a power outage.

3. They Are More Silent Than Air-Cooled Generators

Liquid-cooled generators don’t require cooling fans to remove heat because the coolant circulating through the engine and radiator does it. The fans make a good amount of noise – especially if one or more belts go bad. A generator that uses liquid cooling needs good hoses, a radiator, and a pump to quietly circulate the coolant through the engine and radiator to remove heat and maintain a suitable operating temperature.

When you are ready to install one of the best liquid-cooled generators at your home or place of business, give AA Power a call or visit our storefront. Our friendly and professional staff can help you choose an ideal generator that can handle your emergency power needs.


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