Standby generators provide invaluable backup power during outages. Like any complex home system, proper operation, maintenance, and generator repairs are key for safety. Follow these top tips to keep your generator running safely for years.

Schedule Annual Inspections

Plan to have a certified technician complete a professional inspection and tune-up annually. Preventative maintenance checks for loose connections, corrosion, clogs, and other issues before they become major. The tech can also spot early wear on parts like an alternator or fuel pump; they also test safety systems, like the automatic transfer switch function. Proactive generator repairs avoid failures and hazards.

Exercise It Regularly

Run your generator at least monthly to keep parts lubricated and prevent seized components. Let the system run long enough to reach operating temperature and cycle through load tests if possible. This exercise is essential to ensure it starts quickly and runs smoothly when an outage occurs. Don’t just rely on the automatic weekly exercise timer.

Keep It Fueled

Running out of fuel during an outage leaves you powerless. Check fuel levels monthly and fill the tank before forecasted storms or outages. Use only fresh, high-quality gasoline or diesel within a few months of purchase to prevent gumming. Consider getting a big auxiliary fuel tank installed for extended runtimes to avoid refueling hassles.

Monitor Exhaust Ventilation

Ensure the exhaust is directed away from home intake vents where dangerous carbon monoxide could accumulate. According to NPR, generators should be at least 20 feet away from a home. Hire professionals to inspect rubber exhaust hoses annually for deterioration and to replace them if needed. They'll make sure vegetation is not obstructing the termination vent outside, either; proper ventilation prevents deadly CO poisoning.

Install Battery Maintainers

Cold weather, infrequent use, and power fluctuations can all cause starting batteries to die prematurely. Hiring the pros to connect an automatic battery float charger or maintainer ensures it remains fully charged and ready to start when needed most. A weak battery prevents can cause safety issues.

Your emergency generator provides essential backup power protection if maintained properly. Follow these tips from your generator supplier to keep your system in great shape for years through inspections, regular exercise, fuel monitoring, ventilation checks, and battery maintenance. Taking a proactive approach ensures safe, reliable performance. When you need generator repairs, reach out to our team at A&A Power Generators!


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