Propane is a very popular gas that you can buy in small containers to fuel outdoor grills, torches, and other smaller items. You also can buy it by the gallon and store it in large propane tanks to heat your home and water supply. According to the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education, propane first was produced in 1912 and is widely used in homes, farming, and various industrial applications. Here's why propane is so popular and why you should consider using it more if you aren't already.


Affordably Priced with Good Energy Output

Propane is a terrific form of fuel that you can use nearly anywhere and get excellent energy output. It costs less per gallon than gasoline but can do much more. You can use propane to heat a home, generate heat for cooking, or even power a vehicle. Many gasoline-fueled vehicles can run equally well by burning propane, which doesn't produce the same level of CO2 or carbon buildup inside an internal combustion engine. Using propane helps to stabilize fuel supplies and prices by diversifying the types of fuel available for use.

Can Power the Best Natural Gas Generators

Propane is a type of natural gas that can fuel the best natural gas generators to ensure you have a reliable power source at all times. Virtually anything that uses natural gas can work equally well with propane and produce fewer emissions and less carbon dioxide. Propane isn't affected by extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures, so it's a stable fuel supply that works very well under extreme weather conditions. The nation has ample industrial capacity to produce more propane, which makes it highly abundant and more affordable than many alternative fuels, like gasoline.

Cleaner Burning Fuel Source

Propane is a very clean and environmentally friendly gas that is abundant, easy to obtain, and provides many great benefits for homeowners, business owners, and industrialists alike. It doesn't produce CO2 at the same level as gasoline. According to Impactful Ninja, propane emits significantly less CO2 than gasoline or Diesel fuel. Gasoline and Diesel are the two fuel sources that are used more than propane, which is the third-most-used transportation fuel. Propane is cleaner and more beneficial for the environment than the two dominant forms of transportation fuel.

You can call to learn more about how propane can power the best natural gas generators and other items that you might use daily. Let our team go over more great benefits of propane! We look forward to working with you.


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