You installed a standby generator to provide backup power to your home during outages. But now you're wondering, "How can I tell if my standby generator needs professional repair?" Knowing when to service your standby generator is important to keep it running smoothly when you need it most.

Listen for Any Unusual Noises

First, lend your ears. When you test your standby generator monthly, listen closely for any odd sounds coming from the unit. Clanking, grinding, squealing, or knocking noises could indicate an issue such as low oil, loose parts, or failing components. Strange noises mean it's time to call a technician for standby generator repair. Don't ignore unusual sounds, or you may end up with a non-functioning generator when the power goes out.

Check if It's Struggling During Testing

You should also pay attention to how your standby generator performs during testing. Signs like surging, fluctuating, or reduced power output could signal potential problems. Generators that struggle to turn on or don't reach full wattage have underlying issues in need of diagnosis and repair. According to Cummins, transfer switches prevent electricity from traveling in the wrong direction. Don't just assume testing fluctuations are normal. Have a professional technician inspect and fix any performance problems.

Watch for Visible Damage

Do a thorough visual inspection of your standby generator inside and out. Look for obvious signs of damage like cracked hoses, damaged or corroded parts, fluid leaks, or burnt wiring. Any visible issues could prevent proper functioning. Don't forget to check the exterior weatherproof housing for cracks or damage too. If you spot any visible red flags, schedule standby generator repair right away.

Consider Age & Run Hours

Preventative maintenance is key for standby generators. How old is your unit? Generally, technicians recommend professional services every two to three years. You should also keep track of the running hours. Units with over 200 hours of use on the engine need complete tune-ups. Don't let your generator run too long between professional services, or it may break down when you go to start it in an emergency.

Keeping your standby generator properly maintained saves you money and gives you confidence it will operate as intended during outages. Consistent standby generator repair and care ensures you can rely on smooth backup power anytime. At the first sign of trouble, contact A&A Power Generators to get your unit back in good working order. Call now to schedule an appointment.


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