Buying your first generator can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! By doing your research and planning ahead, you'll be prepared to choose the perfect Generac air cooled generator for your needs. Here are some tips to make your first generator purchase smooth and successful.

Know Your Needs

Before shopping for a generator, think about how you'll use it. Will you need it for backup power during short outages or extended emergencies? Do you need to run specific appliances or your whole home? Consider factors like runtime, fuel type, and noise level based on your intended use. Understanding your needs helps narrow your search to generators that will perform well for you. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, should the power go out, food will stay safe for 48 hours in a full freezer. If you want a Generac air cooled generator to power a freezer, look for at least a 48-hour runtime. Knowing details like this helps you pick the right size.

Compare Brands and Models

With your needs defined, research generator brands and models. Look at ratings and reviews of Generac air cooled generators versus other brands. Compare specs like power output, noise level, and fuel efficiency. Also, consider warranties and maintenance requirements. Get quotes from authorized dealers near you. Comparing your options thoroughly gives you confidence you're choosing the best generator for your situation.

Stay Safe When Using Your Generator

Once your new Generac air cooled generator is professionally installed, you're ready to start using it. First, review the owner's manual so you understand safe operation procedures. Never overload the generator's capacity - distribute appliances across multiple circuits. Refuel outdoors only when the generator is off and cool. Use a ground fault circuit interrupter to prevent electrocution. Following crucial safety precautions keeps you and your family safe when relying on your generator.

Investing in a quality Generac air cooled generator takes research, planning, and careful use. The peace of mind of having backup power is well worth it! Use these first-time buyer tips to choose the perfect generator for your home and family. With the right generator safely installed, you'll be fully prepared for the next power outage. Call us at AA Power to get expert help when you're looking to purchase a generator.


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