Power outages can wreak havoc in larger homes with more appliances and systems to run. According to Scientific American, Americans experience 1.42 power outages per year. While this may not sound like a lot, even a single outage can cause devastating effects. When upgrading your home backup power, a 26kW generator offers advantages over smaller models. Here’s why a Kohler 26kW generator is a great fit for larger households.

Sufficient Power Capacity

Larger square footage homes have higher electrical loads. Running a furnace, several fridges, pool pumps, home office equipment, and more requires serious power. Exceeding a generator's capacity risks tripping breakers or damage. The 26kW continuous output of a Kohler 26kW generator provides plenty of power while leaving room to add new loads.

Space for Electrical Panel

Most homes over 3,000 square feet require 200-amp electrical panels or larger. These will not fit in small generator enclosures designed for 100 amps. A Kohler 26kW generator has a wider, taller enclosure to easily accommodate a larger panel and associated wiring. This ensures full integration with your home’s electrical system.

Fuel Efficiency Advantages

Running at near peak capacity causes most generators to burn more fuel per kilowatt produced. A right-sized 26kW Kohler generator has efficiency advantages for a larger home because peak loads use 65-75% of capacity. This falls into the sweet spot for fuel consumption based on the typical load profile. Less wasted fuel provides longer runtimes.

Quieter Operation

Heavy electrical loads force smaller generators to run hotter and noisier when nearing their limits. A 26kW Kohler generator has substantial extra capacity to handle larger household demands quietly and smoothly. Less strain means steadier voltage control, lower vibration, and muffled sound even under full loads.

Easy Whole House Coverage

Getting a smaller generator to power every circuit in a larger home often requires complicated load-shedding schemas. However, a Kohler 26kW generator has the muscle to easily back up all household circuits with an automatic transfer switch without load-shedding complexity. Whole house coverage provides peace of mind.

With ample capacity, space for larger electrical equipment, optimized fuel efficiency, quieter operation, and easy whole-house backup, a Kohler 26kW generator is perfectly scaled for homes over 3,000 square feet. Right-sizing your generator ensures reliable power protection when you need it most. When you're ready to purchase a new generator, we can help you select the size and model that is ideal for your home. Call A&A Power Generators now to get started.


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