A natural gas generator may be the solution you are searching for. Generators come in handy when the power grid goes down, but many people are concerned about the environmental impact. A natural gas generator can help put your concerns to rest. Let's look at the impact of these generators on the environment.


1. Less Greenhouse Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions generated by traditional generators are high. A natural gas option produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. According to Energy.gov, a natural gas-powered generator can produce up to 43% fewer harmful emissions than a traditional gas-powered generator.

Natural gas is a well-known, cleaner burning fuel. When used to generate electricity, it burns fewer harmful chemicals. This can help cut down on pollution.

2. Natural Gas Is Abundant

Natural gas is an abundant natural resource. Far more abundant than diesel, gasoline, and other processed petroleum. Natural gas is an economical choice.

Natural gas is typically readily available. The International Energy Agency reports that if natural gas is used for its present consumption, there would be over 250 years left to the reserves we have right now. Over time, more gases will build up.

3. Natural Gas Drilling

Natural gas drilling is less disruptive to the natural environment than oil drilling is. Advances in directional drilling have made drilling for natural gas safer than drilling for oil. High-tech equipment is used to drill with accuracy which affects the environment less.

There are many ways that choosing a natural gas generator can lessen stress on the environment when compared to gas and diesel generators. There are other benefits as well, like convenience. Natural gas generators start quicker and stay running longer because they don't need to be refueled. They are ready at the push of a button to ensure you have power.

Of course, these generators can be attached to existing natural gas lines, which makes them very convenient and safe to use. You don't have to store or transport fuel oil for your generator. Spills and other issues are not a factor with a natural gas-powered generator.

If you want a reliable generator that you can worry less about environmental impacts with, a natural gas-powered generator is a great solution. Shop with a trusted resource to find the perfect generator to meet your needs. Reach out to AA Power today.


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