A generator is the perfect device to ensure continued electrical power during bad weather or while you are camping or working away from your home. A generator is a mechanical device with a motor that requires maintenance, and even the best natural gas generator will need occasional replacement or repair to stay reliable and safe to use. According to Bankrate, defective portable generators claim 70 lives every year and injure thousands more in the United States. You can avoid being part of those unfortunate statistics by paying attention to four signs that indicate your generator needs to be replaced.

1. Insufficient Power for Appliances

When a generator is working properly, your appliances should have plenty of power to continue working. When a generator is getting old and is less effective, it won’t produce enough power, which means the appliances won’t get enough power to work right. Some might flicker or continually shut down due to low power. Replacing the generator should restore your full power potential for appliances.

2. Difficulty Starting the Generator

A generator should be relatively easy to start with either a pull of a starter cord or by pressing an ignition button. As generators age, they might be less willing to start and cause you to try over and over with no luck in starting yours. A stubborn generator is a sign that it might stop working and no longer be reliable to use during power outages or at any other time.

3. Increased Fuel Consumption

The best natural gas generator should run reliably and produce relatively little exhaust or emissions compared to gasoline-fueled generators. You might notice the generator is consuming more fuel as it ages. More fuel consumption is a sure sign that a generator is aging and less efficient. The more fuel it burns, the less beneficial it becomes. It probably would pay to replace it with a new one.

4. Requires Continual Repairs

A generator that breaks down a lot needs to be repaired often. Unless you are good at small engine repairs, paying someone to fix it every time it breaks down could become very costly. You have to pay for labor and parts, which only creates more problems for a generator that is not reliable. Buying a new one will cure the problem and likely would save you some money.

You can call us today at A&A Power Generators to learn more and buy the best natural gas generator to suit your needs.


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