If you regularly experience power outages, investing in a standby generator is a no-brainer. These backup units can provide uninterrupted power during blackouts and keep your lights on, your appliances running, and your business open. However, more than simply having a standalone unit installed is required. A transfer switch is equally essential and can prevent serious electrical issues. According to Cummins, transfer switches prevent electricity from traveling in the wrong direction, which could cause electric shocks, electrical fires, or damage to equipment. Therefore, if safety is your priority, you must include this important feature when purchasing a standby generator.

What is a Transfer Switch?

A transfer switch is an electrical device that connects your standby unit to your home or building's electrical system. Its primary function is to prevent electrical hazards by ensuring that the power system is isolated from the utility grid when it's in use. It also reallocates the electrical load to the generator and sends power from it to your home or business when the primary power grid fails. Without this switch, power from your system may flow back to the utility grid, endangering the lives of utility workers fixing power lines.

Why is a Transfer Switch Needed?

Power systems with transfer switches are a must-have for all homeowners, commercial and residential builders, electricians, property managers, end-users, real estate agents, and businesses. These generators provide uninterrupted power and help you avoid downtime and loss of revenue. Suppose you're a homeowner who wants to purchase this type of model. In that case, you should approach electricians or companies offering product services and regular maintenance to ensure your generator works as intended.

Alternatively, if you already have this type of generator installed or manage properties with one, you must ensure that it has a transfer switch to prevent any electrical hazards. For service sales, you can approach project managers, high-end property caretakers, and real estate agents who need their units inspected before a sale or purchase of a property.

Turn to A&A Power for all of your standby generator needs! We offer these systems for sale, and we're also happy to provide reliable, scheduled maintenance and further services to customers. Contact us today for more information on your backup power needs.


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