Professional generator maintenance is vital to keeping a reliable power backup. Failure to take care of your generator can result in you not having any power at the wrong time. Here are a few reasons why you should always have regular service.

Battery Failure

Your generator is likely to fail because of a poor battery. According to Bankrate, American power outages cost $18 to $33 billion annually. Extreme temperatures, corrosion, or poor charging are reasons for your battery no longer functioning. However, your generator maintenance inspector will always test and clean the battery. They also know how to replace the battery when needed. You'll have peace knowing that your generator can quickly start when you need it as a backup.

Bad Fuel

Your generator needs fuel to operate. However, your fuel doesn't have an infinite lifespan. Even if it's properly fueled, that fuel can degrade over time. A generator can't run properly when it has to rely on contaminated fuel or is leaking. Regular service will check your fuel filters and clean the tank as needed.

Electrical Components

Your generator has electrical parts that must be looked after. After all, if electricity gets out of hand, it can become a fire hazard. During a generator maintenance session, the technician will check these parts for any signs of deterioration or corrosion. They will review the switches, sensors, and wires. The contractor will properly clean these parts and tighten any loose connections. If any electrical parts appear faulty, the technician will replace them to avoid any future electrical failures.

Safety Standards

Generator maintenance is part of keeping your residential property safe. Otherwise, carbon monoxide, fire, and electrocution can result when you don't keep up with inspections and servicing. In addition to your personal safety for you and your property, a lack of service can also affect your warranty. There is a recommended service schedule your generator manufacturer provides, which you should follow to prevent voiding your warranty.

A generator is a great tool to have as a power backup. However, the work doesn't stop when you buy one and place it on your property. Like most other residential features, your generator requires inspection, maintenance, and care. If you have any questions about such maintenance, contact our team today.


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