If you're considering investing in a standby generator for your home, you've likely come across KOHLER models. And for good reason! A KOHLER standby generator has a stellar reputation for reliability and performance. Here's a quick rundown of what makes them such a great choice.

Reliable Power Output

You can count on a KOHLER generator to deliver the power you need when you need it most. KOHLER offers generators ranging from 14 to 150 kW, so you can find the right capacity for your home's requirements. The engines are designed for long runtimes, even under heavy loads.

Durable Construction

A KOHLER standby generator is built to last. They feature weather-resistant aluminum enclosures that protect the components from the elements. The engines are commercial-grade, with features like cast iron cylinder blocks and overhead valve designs. Robust fuel systems can operate for extended runtimes.

Smart Monitoring

KOHLER's optional wireless monitoring lets you check your generator's status anytime using your smartphone or tablet. You'll get alerts for things like needed maintenance and can remotely run diagnostics. This gives you peace of mind knowing everything is working properly.

Automatic Backup Power

There's no need to manually start up a KOHLER generator when the power goes out; it will automatically detect the outage and begin supplying backup power within seconds. According to Popular Mechanics, the generator connects to the transfer switch with a thick, heavy-duty cable called a genset cord. This cord is plugged into an outlet receptacle installed on the outside of the house, known as a power inlet box. Once utility power is restored, it automatically shuts itself down. This convenience is invaluable when the lights suddenly go out.

Quiet Operation

KOHLER invests heavily in sound attenuation technologies to make their generators as quiet as possible. This includes sound enclosures, vibration isolation, and mufflers. At typical operating loads, their models produce noise comparable to a normal conversation.

A KOHLER standby generator provides the reliability, durability, efficiency, and convenience you need from a home backup power system. The smart monitoring and quiet operation are just the icing on the cake. Having a KOHLER means you'll be prepared and comfortable when severe weather or system overloads knock out your utility power. It's the ultimate peace of mind investment for your home. Give us a call at A&A Power Generators if you'd like help selecting the right KOHLER generator for your needs to deliver dedicated power.


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