We've all experienced power outages before, but have you heard about the term "load shedding"? Load shedding refers to the deliberate shutdown of electricity in certain areas when demand is greater than supply. According to Entergy, shedding load can happen whenever there's a shortage of electricity, or to keep power lines from becoming overloaded. This is done to prevent the entire grid from crashing. As power plants age and electricity demand rise, load shedding is becoming more common. Let's take a closer look at what it is.

How Load Shedding Affects You

When load shedding occurs, you'll be without power for two to four hours at a time. For most of us, this is merely an inconvenience. However, frequent or long power cuts can disrupt daily life and business operations. Appliances, like refrigerators, AC units, and electronics, need consistent electricity. During outages, you won't have access to the internet, TV, or even lights. Thankfully, you can prepare for load shedding by having backup power ready. A Generac 24kw with transfer switches automatically detects outages and restores electricity to your home.

How to Protect Sensitive Equipment from Damage

Frequent power interruptions can damage electronics and appliances. A sudden loss of power puts stress on devices, while power surges when electricity returns can fry circuits. The voltage fluctuations caused by load shedding can slowly degrade your equipment over time. However, a Generac 24kw with transfer switches regulates voltage and prevents these harmful effects. The generator delivers clean, stable electricity that keeps your devices running safely. Sensitive electronics, like TVs, computers, and smart home devices, will operate smoothly despite grid instability.

How to Keep Your Home Comfortable

Losing access to air conditioning on hot days or heat on cold nights can quickly make your home uncomfortable. With a backup Generac 24kw generator and transfer switches, you can run AC, heating, and fans regardless of load shedding. Keep your home at the right temperature even when the power goes out. Reliable electricity also lets you cook, do laundry, enjoy TV and internet, and perform normal daily routines during outages. Backup generators maintain a sense of normalcy at home until grid power returns.

Prepare for load shedding by getting a high-capacity Generac 24kw with transfer switches generator with seamless transfer switches. With backup electricity, power cuts won't disrupt your home or electronics. Invest now in a complete home backup system for resilience and peace of mind. Call us today to learn more.


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