An emergency generator set will deliver reliable power to a facility or commercial operation should a situation occur where power is lost. You should have peace of mind in the event of a power outage that your backup power source will kick into action the instant the power goes out. However, what happens if there is a loss of power and the generator doesn’t do its job? Often the outcome can be costly and sometimes disastrous.

This is why load bank testing is a critical component of a comprehensive preventative generator maintenance plan. Load bank testing ensures the generator will work as necessary while being capable of handling the highest possible load needed.

With a load bank test, an artificial load will be placed on the generator. The test is timed and the kW will incrementally increase. Each time this load is increased, engine and alternator parameters are recorded. The test will evaluate the generator’s ability to manage this boost as well as its ability to operate at high levels for an extended period.

Load bank testing has numerous benefits. Among them, it allows problems to be discovered before they become a major issue, it ensures that the system can perform under heavy loads, and it also prevents wet-stacking. Wet stacking occurs when diesel-powered generators are not regularly used or only operate on light loads, resulting in unburned fuel and a build-up of soot in the exhaust system.

This update is by A&A Power Generators, a national company providing Dedicated Power Systems with global reach. Our mission is to meet emergency power needs by delivering dedicated power solutions and services for residential and commercial markets in ways that are economically and environmentally sustainable. We aim to be your sole choice for new Generac generator, Kohler power generators, natural gas, and diesel-fueled solutions as well as service and maintenance repair, with decades of power industry experience. For more information on Generac standby generators or other questions, please call 1-888-991-4500.


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