Power outages in Fort Lauderdale have become a concern, as in just the last few days a total of 847,713 tracked customers have experienced loss of power in Broward County, FL. This usually happens when the power supply infrastructure is harmed, most likely due to a natural disaster such as a storm hitting the area.

This sudden loss of energy puts a lot at stake for homeowners and businesses, as many appliances not only rely on electricity and energy to work but can also be ruined or even cause life-threatening situations. Here are some of the major problems and damages that can occur by power outages and lack of prevention.

1. Permanent injury to electronics

Computers, TVs, phones, microwaves, or other appliances can all experience an electrical surge once the power comes back on after an outage, damaging the equipment permanently. This can mean that the motherboard of your favorite electronics can be ruined. To avoid costly repairs, it is best to unplug them until the power is back on. Additionally, other damage you can experience after a power loss specifically with computers is data loss, data corruption, and other performance issues.

2. No air conditioning or cooling system

Experiencing power outages during the summer can be suffocating for homeowners or clients, as the heat can get unbearable and even dangerous for some. If you live with sensitive individuals, children, and pets and have a generator a home it is best to be prepared by looking for a generator repair Fort Lauderdale area has to offer. Scheduling an appointment for regular maintenance means being proactive and reducing the risk of accidents and damages.

3. Problems with your medical equipment

If someone in your family relies on electric-powered medical equipment (oxygen pumps, motorized stairlifts, C-PAP machines) or you run a clinic or hospital, it is extremely important to have a backup power supply that can help the equipment run for several hours. In cases like this where there can be at-risk individuals during an emergency, it's important to have a plan. However, the best thing is to prevent any risky situation by having a generator.

A few years ago, the Kindred Hospital in Fort Lauderdale experience a big power outage that forced them to evacuate the area. Patients had to be translated to a nearby hospital before power was restored, according to authorities. Having a working generator in your building will help save lives, time, and even money in situations like this. You should also have contact information for nearby generator repair services like AA Power in case your generator does not work.

4. Refrigeration loss or damaged inventory

Power outages in Fort Lauderdale for a grocery store, restaurant, or homeowners means there’s no more electricity keeping the refrigerators running. This in turn can make food go to waste and cause the potential to lose hundreds of dollars worth of product. That is why having backup generators to help during power is key. A tip for homeowners is to avoid opening the fridge or freezer unless necessary to keep food fresh as long as possible and prevent cold air from coming out.

5. Decrease in productivity and revenue loss

Business activities are heavily limited when the power is out. The most obvious thing is that there will be no internet and machines won't run thus preventing work to get done. In this case, many job roles will be stopped until power is restored. This can harm a business especially those that rely on power-generated machines or tools to get the job done. When providers of a product or service cannot meet a customer's need, they may move on to find a new provider. Resulting in a significant loss of revenue that to some may even take a while to recover from. Avoid losing customer trust by having a backup power generator ready to have your back when a power outage strikes.

6. Voltage spikes

When a home or business's power is restored after an outage, the sudden jump in electricity can create voltage spikes, which can be extremely severe as they can results in thousands of dollars in appliance replacements and repairs. Voltage spikes harm your equipment because they produce a current flow over your equipment’s breakdown voltage. The result is the deterioration of sensitive circuitry and electrical insulators. So, if your lights keep flickering after power outage chances are your home’s electrical system is faulty.

Power outages in Fort Lauderdale are no joke, as they can cause severe damage. For a homeowner, it can mean ruining perishable food and having to do the grocery shopping again or being on the verge of heatstroke. For commercials or business owners, it can mean losing productivity, costly appliances, and even customers. If you do not want to be negatively impacted by a sudden outage the best thing is to have a generator and give it regular maintenance in case disaster strikes. If you are looking for top-notch generator servicing and maintenance, don’t wait to get in touch with us today.


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