New changes were added towards the end of last year aimed at addressing the use of meter-mounted transfer switches in optional standby systems. If they meet the requirements for automatic transfer switches, these switches must be manual transfer switches. UL1008M is the listing format for manual or automatic transfer switches. Usually, the manual model is designed to connect the meter-mounted transfer switch to a cable. In many instances, these machines are installed and operated by the electrical utility, and for the meter-mounted conversion switch, consumers will see a monthly rental fee on their electricity bill. This device significantly simplifies the optional standby system installation of a dwelling unit.

There are exceptions to this new rule. Temporary connection of a portable generator without transfer equipment is allowed where maintenance and monitoring conditions ensure that the installation is serviced only by qualified persons and where the normal supply is physically isolated by a lockable disconnection or disconnection of the normal supply conductors.

This update is by A&A Power Generators, a national company providing Dedicated Power Systems with global reach. Our mission is to meet emergency power needs by delivering dedicated power solutions and services for residential and commercial markets in ways that are economically and environmentally sustainable. We aim to be your sole choice for new Generac generator, Kohler power generators, natural gas, and diesel-fueled solutions as well as service and maintenance repair, with decades of power industry experience. For more information on a mobile light tower or other questions, please call 1-888-991-4500.



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