Generators are lifesavers any time of year, however, it is during the summer months when they truly have their time to shine. This is so because hurricanes and storms tend to strike, not to mention that there is more traffic for retail owners and more projects for construction companies. Additionally, households need to be prepared as many rely on their air conditioners to keep cooled. That is why generator servicing and maintenance are crucial to making sure your generators are in good condition and running at full capacity in the event of an outage. Here are some ways to prepare your generator for the summer.

1. Operate your generator regularly

Even if you think you won't be needing your generator in the coming months, make sure that you’re running it on a regular basis to guarantee that it is in good working condition. Doing this also helps prevent crippling conditions such as wet stacking, or in other words when a diesel engine drips a thick, dark substance from its exhaust pipes or, “stacks.”

2. Beware of location

It's important to make sure that your generator is placed in a protected and well-ventilated area, as direct heat or insufficient airflow can cause your generator to overheat and shut down.

3. Have it professionally examined

Before giving your generator the chance of shutting down from the intense heat of the summer, it is best to call a professional generator servicing and maintenance company to inspect your genset. As experts, they have a better understanding of things such as battery health, cleaning filters, and keeping bearings lubricated. Doing this is a great preventive measure to avoid staying without energy or having to close your business and potentially missing out on revenue.

4. Monitor probable causes of overheating

During the summer, there is a high chance of your generator overheating if you leave it unattended. Be aware of certain things to avoid this situation such as keeping air filters clean, checking coolant levels, keeping the unit’s exterior free from dirt and grease, making sure there are no loose clamps or leaking gaskets, or a belt tightened improperly, etc.

5. Assure that you have fuel ready to go

Remember to have a proper supply of generator fuel ready. If you purchased fuel a few months ago check the purchase date as some fuel sources like diesel only last for a few months. When it comes to fuel, also beware of over-fueling or overloading the generator.

These are some things to consider before the days get too hot and also to make sure your generator is ready to run. Dealing with generators can be delicate, therefore if you need assistance, contact a generator servicing and maintenance company. At AA Power, we provide world-class generators, repairs, and maintenance services to ensure your generator runs safely and efficiently all year long. Contact us to learn more!


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