Generac Clean Energy

Earlier this year, backup power leader Generac Power Systems announced its decision to move to Clean Energy. The company responsible for the billion-dollar home standby generator market on its own will now rely on its best-in-class technology and vast engineering expertise to deliver a full portfolio of new products for energy storage and management.

After acquiring Neurio Engineering, Inc., a manufacturer of revolutionary home energy management systems, and Pika Energy, Inc., a manufacturer of advanced residential and commercial solar energy storage systems, Generac is developing, producing, marketing and selling environmentally responsible solar energy storage systems and home energy management instruments.

With its new range of Clean Energy solutions, Generac is expected to gain the upper hand in the residential solar energy storage marketplace. Customers will immediately benefit from Generac’s proven ability to consult with the homeowner and fully serve the customer from product installation to home energy management solutions.

Generac’s new products include its PWRcell Storage System offering 8kW of continuous power plus 12kW surge capacity, the PWRview Home Energy Monitor and App, the rapid-shutdown device known as SnapRS, and PV Link Substring Optimizer.

This update is by A&A Power Generators, a national company providing Dedicated Power Systems with global reach. Our mission is to meet emergency power needs by delivering dedicated power solutions and services for residential and commercial markets in ways that are economically and environmentally sustainable. We aim to be your sole choice for new and lease Generac generator solutions as well as service and maintenance repair, with decades of power industry experience. For more information on Guardian generators or other questions, please call 1-888-991-4500.


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