Generators are a great way to maintain a steady power supply when electricity has been interrupted. Although these are handy devices to have in your home, it's crucial that you use generators in the safest way possible. When not used properly, generators can pose a great risk to your home. It's in your best interest to learn these important generator safety tips. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Permanent Generator Recommendations

If you're having a permanent generator installed in your home, it's recommended that a transfer switch be used. This device prevents energy from leaving your generator and traveling back into the utility electrical equipment. This could create a dangerous situation for linemen or others who might be near downed electrical wires. This is called back feed and it can be very dangerous.

2. Use Careful Placement of Standby Generators

Standby generators must be placed very carefully. According to NPR, to prevent potential health or safety issues, it's recommended to keep generators at least 20 feet away from the property, with the exhaust directed away from it. A generator should never be run in a home or a garage. These devices give off carbon monoxide and this can be dangerous or even deadly in large amounts.

3. Turn on the Generator First

It's important to remember that the generator should be turned on first before any appliances are plugged into it. Once the generator is running, you should plug in appliances one at a time. This is necessary to make sure the appliances don't overload the unit. Generators are intended for temporary use so make sure you prioritize your energy needs.

4. Avoid Wet Conditions

A generator is an electric device, so you should avoid using the device in wet conditions. You should place a generator under a canopy structure on a dry surface where water can't reach. Make sure your hands are dry before touching a generator as well.

5. Cool Before Fueling

When it's time to refuel the generator, be sure to give it ample time to cool off first. This will help avoid injuries. Be sure to only use the intended fuel for your generator. There are different models created for different fuel types. This is an important part of generator maintenance.

These are some important generator maintenance and safety tips to keep in mind. If you're looking to purchase a generator or you need generator maintenance, please give us a call at A&A Power Generators. We are here for your generator needs and are committed to delivering dedicated power.


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