Most equipment will eventually require replacing after a couple of years, but there is no need to replace equipment than necessary. Hence, it’s imperative to run your generator(s) efficiently to extend its life and ensure proper operation when it’s needed.

Improperly running a generator is not like running a car that is overdue for a change in oil. While it is possible to go beyond the recommended distance before changing your oil, running a generator without maintaining it will inevitably shorten its lifespan.

For load settings, it all depends on the type of generator. Standby and diesel-powered generators, for example, are optimized for operating at fifty to eighty percent of total load rating while diesel generators that are continuously rated do typically best at fifty to eighty percent of total load rating.

It will affect the health of your equipment by running your generator on a light load for extended periods. It is likely to result in unplanned downtime, more expensive maintenance costs, reduced fuel efficiency, and the generator’s overall shorter service life. Remaining within its guidelines for optimum load bearing is vital to the output of the diesel generator.

This update is by A&A Power Generators, a national company providing Dedicated Power Systems with global reach. Our mission is to meet emergency power needs by delivering dedicated power solutions and services for residential and commercial markets in ways that are economically and environmentally sustainable. We aim to be your sole choice for new Generac generator, Kohler power generators, natural gas, and diesel-fueled solutions as well as service and maintenance repair, with decades of power industry experience. For more information on generators in stock or other questions, please call 1-888-991-4500.


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