A self-contained paralleling generator set fueled by natural gas, the DG 50 by Generac is a robust solution for industrial and commercial users that can supply 50kW as a standby generator or by working in parallel with a utility supply. Its flexibility means it can cut down on utility company energy usage when necessary. Each unit provides emergency standby power if necessary.

Along with the optional “Peak Shave Module”, single or multiple units can be used to reduce peaking leading automatically. This, in turn, avoids the potential for pricey penalties. The Peak Shave Module is also programmable, capable of operating in a multitude of modes like daily base load, work days only, and more.

The Generac DG 50 is all about powerful simplicity and the looks make it appear like an air conditioning unit versus a cumbersome generator. Additionally, its operation is so quiet, it’s possible to have a normal conversation next to it. Customers can also add additional generators to an electrical system if necessary.

The DG 50 has received acclaim and it even earned the distinction of being named the Product of the Year by CEE News.

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